A Tiny Donkey Walks Up To 5 Massive Clydesdales, His Following Move Has Internet In Laughter

Ever since I was a kid there was little to no interest in watching football on my part. I loved playing it, loved the open air on the makeshift fields we used to play in and couldn’t get enough time with my friends. Even still, I learned early on that you didn’t even have to be a fan of watching the sport in order to enjoy the Super Bowl. My parents would invite all their friends over, stock up on their signature Budweiser and Bud Light reserves and we’d make nachos or some other finger foods for the event. I’ll admit I payed less attention to the game than I did the commercials, but there are dozens of us like this out there, dozens I tell you!

Some of the funniest commercials I can remember were always from Budweiser. First it was the singing frogs, then they added the chameleon and eventually moved away from that entirely and featured other things, like their horses. The Clydesdale horses were always a spectacle. These massive beasts large enough to topple a house were fascinating, so when they began featuring them in their commercials I was reticent. How could they make them funny? Well they did, and still do. Take this comical little video for example, where the horses are interviewing for an open spot on the team. Enter, donkey.


This brave and somewhat foolish little guy decided from early on that he wanted to be a part of the Clydesdale team, regardless of the fact that he isn’t one and ignoring the general rule of thumb that he can’t carry a cart that large by himself. Even still he manages to land an interview with the team, and lets loose a speech that grants his wish. You’ll never guess what he said…