Sharks discovered inside active volcano, and footage proves they’re alive

Out by the Solomon Islands there lies an underwater volcano called the Kavachi. For years many scientists have attempted getting as close to this natural wonder as possible, only to discover the heat and acidity being let off proves too much for the human body to handle. Divers who did make the attempt would get close to the outer limits and walk away with minor skin burns from the heat and acid, so they decided to invest in some underwater robots to get in deeper to get a real view as to what’s going on. Never in their lives did they expect to see what the footage captured, and after seeing it myself, it’s still near impossible to comprehend.

PhD. student Brennan Phillips from the University if Rhode Island can only say that the scientists involved in the expedition were, and I quote, “freaking out.” They captured footage of hammerhead sharks, Pacific sleeper sharks, silky sharks and a whole slew of underwater life no one expected to be there. After all, the only things we know that even live close to underwater vents don’t have “shark” in their names. How these animals have managed to live and adapt to such extreme conditions is still something of a mystery, but the rarity of some of these creatures appears promising. After all, they’re in a location humanity can’t hope to reach as of yet so they’re well protected.

One huge question that comes about from the discovery is, what happens to these creatures when Kavachi erupts? Will they persevere through the extreme heat and acidity or will they perish like just about everything else we know? That’s something we’ll have to take our time answering, but in the meantime it’s about as cool of a find as a shark with a frickin’ laser beam attached to it’s head! I mean, Sharkano, anyone?