Reporter Interviews Farmer, Then Realizes Farmer Laughs Like A Chicken & Explodes In Laughter

There are a plethora of movies available today where the villain has this laugh that… well, it’s unmistakably silly. It’s not a normal laugh and it’s not meant to be one, it’s meant to show the viewer just how different from “normal” these bad guys are that even their laughs don’t seem right. The heroes of the story usually have a deep laugh that makes you feel comfortable enough to relate to their joy, and the story you’re about to hear features neither of those personality traits.

Meet a regular old farmer Joe. Many have said he’s part of the backbone of America; many more have said he’s a boon to the local community, but all those who know him can’t help but let out a chuckle when he finds something to laugh at. This time is just so happened to be when he was being interviewed by a reporter. I’m not too sure what the interview was all about, but the moment the reporter got him laughing you can tell he’d be the life at any country party.

He laughs just fine, but when he breathes in to catch some air it sounds exactly like what you’d hear from the chickens he’s got surrounding him. So much so that those very same chickens thought it was one of their own talking to them, and even they start up!

If this wasn’t live then it needed to be, this is one laugh that deserves some airtime and not to be solely included in a blooper reel. If not, well, the guy is internet famous now anyway!