Repairmen Show Up To Antenna That Suddenly Stops Working, Then Open It And Can’t Believe What Pours Out

The Bear Creek Microwave Site is no stranger to the wonders and annoyances the local nature has to offer, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect these occurrences to screw with their radio antennas. As these antenna are outside they’re generally designed and built to withstand the most common events, so when repairmen received the call that one wasn’t working as intended they grabbed their gear and headed out. Assuming it was an issue with the wiring or maybe even something a little more technical they brought enough for a full job, but never in a million years would they have expected the actual problem.

Squirrels have been known to cause problems for humans in many an unconventional and accidental way, and this was no exception.

The crew showed up on a humid day, not dreading the task ahead but unsure of what all they’d need to do and even more unsure of how long a total fix would take. It’s impossible to grab a time frame from speculative amounts of work, so they really just wanted to figure out what exactly was going on.

Pulling up to the tower they can’t visibly see anything wrong with the thing, so they go about taking it apart. What they learned was causing the issues has got to be some type of world record or another.

Upon opening the protective case housing some of the finer workings of the antenna they released a pure and torrential flood of acorns, all packed tightly into the casing. All-in-all they discovered squirrels had precariously placed around 300 pounds of oak nuts inside the metal casing, leading me to wonder how those silly animals ever expected to see the fruits of their labor come winter.

It’s seriously like a waterfall of acorns pouring out of this little enclosure, so much so that the workers and everyone else involved were completely astonished. After all, that’s either a too-well prepared squirrel ready to get fat one winter or it had been a collection of the little buggers stockpiling for years. Either which it is, this is definitely a sight you don’t want to miss!