Octopus Suddenly Emerges From Water. Family’s Eyes Go Wide When It Gives Them An Unexpected Gift

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California is home to a myriad of aquatic life, safe from the jaws of human nature yet still in full view for the public. Let’s face it, humanity tends to forget we’re not the only living beings on this planet when it comes to obtaining something we want, so places like this are something special. We’ve gotten together and decided that if we want to continue experiencing and sharing this world with the other wonderful creatures that inhabit it, we’d need to protect them ourselves… from ourselves. It’s a bit of a trip. Well, one family that went to the reserve to take a look at what they could see encountered something truly special, something that you’d only hear about in the National Geographic.

It began when they located a small, red octopus in the ocean waters. The little guy was sitting there, minding his own business when the family arrived, but they noticed he was holding onto something that looked like a few seashells. This wouldn’t be too uncommon for an octopus, but then the little guy started making his way out of the water. Slithering tendril after tendril working their way from under its body up until they’d extended and folding themselves back under as it pulled itself. This alone was something the family never expected to see as the camouflage ability of these creatures is top notch, but it wasn’t done there.

After making it out of the probably chilly water it began following them. To their credit the family was determined to allow the little guy to make his own way, without any “help” or interaction from any of their hands. Believe me, that’s something to be proud of when facing something obviously much cooler than regular human contact. So they backed away. This occurred a few more times before, as I like to imagine, the octopus realized he wasn’t going to be able to get any closer to them.

It was at that point where it dropped what it had been holding right by the stupefied humans – a crab. That one octopus thought it was his job to feed the family that had been watching him, which makes you wonder who was really being observed! The last time I’ve heard something like this happening was when a National Geographic photographer was fed penguins by a leopard seal, which is both completely cool and terrifying all at once. Nature is full of wonders, are we really sure we’re the best ones?