New heated jacket will keep you warm at even the coldest job site this winter

As someone who has worked in -40° weather can tell you, it’s not fun. Even the cold weather jackets the military issues just don’t seem to break the wind chill when it gets that cold, and almost nothing will help your hands. You can try putting them in your pockets but below a certain temperature those pockets feel just about as bad as the air outside, maybe minus the wind. It was during those times when I wished I had a jacket that could keep me warm, and I know plenty of other people with the same wish. Sure, long johns could help but they couldn’t take away the full sting of it. Fortunately it seems like those wishes from long ago have finally found an answer thanks to Milwaukee. The brand, not the place specifically.

This all-in-one jacket has built in heating pads on the chest, the back and if your hands get cold, the pockets. The cool part about it is how you can press a button on the front to turn the heating on or off, as well as the hand warmers built into the pockets. Like something from a Star Trek spin-off, these things also come with multiple pockets, one of which also includes a USB port so you can charge your phone and stay on the go – something most of us know all too well. It’s one of those things you look at once and think to yourself, “I neeeed it!” That is, unless you’re one of the lucky ones living on an island in paradise.

The jacket is fully machine washable too, so you’ll never have to worry of it accidentally getting thrown into the washer. Just throw it in, machine dry and throw it right back on! With that said, of course it’s wind and water resistant as well, ensuring you not only keep warm on those chilly fall and winter days, but you remain dry throughout. Known as the M12, the price tag isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d imagine either at only around $150 to own one of these bad boys. Guarantee that’s less than what the military pays for something of lesser ability…