Little Girl Begs A Big Ship To Honk, Immediately Regrets It

Alright who remembers the old school field trips where all the kids are lining the bus, all pushed over to a single side as they pump their fists up and down for the semi drivers to honk their horns? Now, I don’t want to point any fingers at my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Price, but no, it’s not disrespectful or more dangerous than riding in a large metal death trap without any seat belts. Well, apparently this is a trend that still occurs to this day, and now there’s even new forms the old trend has taken on.

Take this adorable little girl for example; she just kept pumping that fist as a large container ship slowly made its way past her. To her credit, she wasn’t taking no for an answer and kept at it, all the while saying, “Toot, toot!” She was wearing bright green pants and a pink top, which is only relevant because of the visibility issue. After all, if you’re steering a ship through a narrow section then you tend to be paying attention to what’s right in front of you, but somehow they managed to see this determined little girl and obliged.

The moment the massive ship horn went off that adorable little girl regretted her decision entirely. Fairly, a ship’s horn is incredibly loud as to ensure it can be heard by other boats traveling nearby, and this one was a whopper. The horn blows and she immediately runs to her mommy, just outside of the frame, but not before you get a look at the terrified face she had on! It’s alright though, this was a first attempt at getting a boat to follow through and as far as that goes, she’s got a 100% success rate. How many of us can say the same?