Insane footage shows giant waves crashing into a cruise ship while he just looks out the window

Recorded video from inside of a Royal Caribbean cruise that ran into a storm a year ago shows the scary moment 30 foot waves crash into the boat as a passenger veer out the window.  Definitely the opposite of the relaxing cruise they hoped for

The ship was carrying over 4,500 guests and 1,600 members of the ships crew, heading to Port Canaveral in Florida, but it was forced to do a 180 and head back to Jersey due to the the storm. Passengers were forced to stay in their cabins overnight while the rough winds and waves knocked items about the ship.

In the video, the passenger looking out the window says, “We’re just staying in one place, hoping not to die.”

When the waves hit, his friend says, “Jesus Christ man. We’re underwater, under the third floor.”

The ship suffered damages, and four people were injured during the storm. At times the boat was sent leaning at a 45 degree angle. The National Weather Services Ocean Prediction Center issued an alert four days prior to the cruise, but Royal Caribbean said the weather was not predicted. It was originally headed to Florida and the Bahamas, and all guests were given full refunds and discounts on future cruises.

 Later that year, it was caught in another storm while on making its way to Bermuda. Stay away from the Triangle, captain!