Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

What do you do with a little bit of creativity and a whole hell of a lot of time on your hands? You snatch up your buddies, plan out this elaborate talent day show and start to practice. The problem being if you want it to be funny, you really shouldn’t tell anyone about it beforehand. The surprise factor is always a phenomenal route to take in these situations, unless the people you’re trying to impress hate surprises. It’s always a bit of a catch-22 there, huh?

These four young boys decided to use a bit of their time creating a one-of-a-kind act for their upcoming talent show at the New Braunfels Christian Academy. They didn’t want to sing, many go for that number, and they didn’t want to perform a stand up act, so they decided on a bit of a sketch.

First they decided to hide themselves under a black hood to ensure none of the initial shock value would be lost on the other students, but when Taylor Swift starts playing over the speakers the curtain is lifted, so to speak, and four sewn baby bodies with the kid’s heads popped out!

With their costumes following along with some of their movements they begin one of the goofiest displays I’ve ever seen. Lip-singing along with Miss Swift they begin to dance and laugh along with the entire crowd as they display a routine you probably wouldn’t see at any live comedy show. Or maybe you would, who cares, these kids are hilarious!

They’re almost perfectly coordinated, but the kid on the left is definitely dominant with a separate hand than the rest. Even still, they follow along in the same routine until the music begins to switch up and the miniature baseball bats come out.

This is one routine you don’t want to miss out on, so without any further gushing about it from my end, check it out for yourself: