Elvis Made It Famous. But When Andrea Bocelli Sings It, Tears Fall Down Everyone’s Face

If you’ve never heard the name Andrea Bocelli then you might not be too familiar with the opera. The guy’s got a voice that’s smooth as silk with a little smoky texture in the mix, but he does generally tend to stick with opera so I can understand why many wouldn’t have known. Generally performing as an Italian classical crossover tenor, this is one performance off the opera stage you’d regret missing.

Bocelli has a wide variety of interests he enjoys to pursue, but musically speaking he rarely deviates from the opera. Who could blame him? He’s been utterly successful with it and any artist will tell you that straying from the solid path you’re on doesn’t always pay off, but while performing for a crowd at the Lake Las Vegas Resort he decided to switch things up a bit.

Giving the performance in an outdoor setting, he saunters up to the pianist and gives him just a few keys to continue playing. “Something easy,” he says. The moment the tune comes to life and the first word is spoken there was barely anyone in the crowd who didn’t know what they were about to hear. A song originally made famous by Elvis Presley, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

Moments after the singing begins and the rest of the musicians figure out exactly which song Bocelli had chosen more of them began chiming in. The result is a performance so utterly powerful it leaves you breathless by the end, completely enraptured by the passion thrown in from every performer on the stage that night — Bocelli wasn’t wanting to hog all the spotlight, after all!

The song itself is a classic, and not much could be done to make it any better in my opinion, but the famed opera singer manages to do just that. His eyes close and the power of the music overcomes him just like it does with the open-jawed crowd.

One thing to note, Bocelli was born with a visual impairment which likely caused his love for music to grow to what it is today. He’s sold millions of records from produced nine operas and fifteen solo albums, all since his beginning in the musical industry back in 1992. The sheer amount of work that goes into an opera is testament to his dedication, and hopefully will continue to as well.

Hopefully these types of performances won’t be kept to himself for very much longer, because this is absolutely beautiful.