Contestant’s Unconventional Song Choice Leaves Simon Stunned

Singing is a talent not all of us are born with, and not all of us can learn. No matter how much teaching you out in to some people they’ll simply always be tone deaf and unable to hit a proper chord if their lives depended on it, which is why we’ve managed to use it as the subject for televised competitions. Willie Jones is a young, African American man from Louisiana just trying to get up on the stage of the X Factor to sing his heart out in front of a crowd and a group of celebrity judges. He looks very clean and well kept, but is dressed like he’s about to hop back in time to the early 90’s.

I’m not explaining his style for anyone to judge him on his tastes, it’s just that when you find out which song he chose to sing it’ll come as something of a surprise. Let’s put it in the simplest terms possible – it’s such a shock that even the famous Simon was left speechless!

Apparently Willie had been singing in a Gospel Quartet as the bass prior to making his debut in the spotlight which is where his incredible vocal command comes from, but with this kind of opening then the sky is the limit for this kid!