You can’t be unhappy with a magazine-fed pump-action knife gun in your hands

Once you hit the ripe, young age of 25 in the United States, you’ve run out of ages left to look forward to anything. At 18 you can purchase tobacco, vote and die for your country; at 21 you can purchase liquor and entrance into any public bars or clubs across the country and finally at 25 your car insurance rates go down. That’s about it, so most people tend to go out and find a hobby or two in their time so it feels less wasted. Take Jorge Sprave for instance, because this is one large German man who’s taken his childlike love for things that can hurt someone and transformed it into a love for creating those insane designs.

Sprave is back once again with another killer invention he’s created a kunai-pump-gun – basically a repeating, wooden shooter that fires out throwing knives known as kunai! Due to his country’s gun laws, he isn’t allowed to make any sort of formal ‘gun’, so he always sticks to using wood and (usually) a few rubber bands. Somehow he always winds up with something incredibly interesting and often times fairly deadly, but always legal. The current design features just about every aspect you’d need in a more formal weapon, but it’s all done with intricate pieces of wood, aluminum, rubber bands and a small leather strap to keep the kunai inside of the magazine.

You can say what you want about the guy, I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t care regardless, but he’s got one of the best laughs you could find on YouTube. It’s like a mix between what you’d hear from a movie villain and Santa Clause, there’s just so much joy in the man it’s impossible not to make the comparison.

He always makes me wish I had the technical skills needed to build the toys he shows off.