900 HP Winnebago goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds

When you think about speed, rarely does the image of a 1971 Brave Winnebago come to mind.

The beloved camper most well known for it’s role in the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs is back and ready for ludicrous speed. (Well, not the exact same camper, but you get the idea).

Ringbrothers bought the camper from a Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. It already had already been slightly customized, but it was in dire need of an upgrade. The “Happy Camper” was stripped down to its bare shell and rebuilt into the monster you see today.

(image source; Ringbrothers)

“After we fixed the brakes, painted the wheels, and got the Winnie back on its feet, we started looking to the interior and began fabricating and machining some of the interior pieces,” Ringbrothers wrote on their blog. “But before we got to far on the interior we needed to give this old motorhome a new heart.

A very worn and tired Dodge 318ci V8 had served bravely, but its time was up. The rest of the running gear was even worse. After completely stripping the interior, Ringbrothers began fabricating a complete custom interior starting with a gauge cluster reminiscent of a WWII bomber to go with Restoration Hardware bomber-style seats. The exterior sheetmetal was showing its age, too, so several custom panels were fabricated up front, including new headlight surrounds and dimple-died trim that fill in the gap between the body and the bumper.

(image source; Ringbrothers)

The “Happy Camper” Winnebago by Ringbrothers sits on a Wegner Motorsports LS 900 HP engine capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

Watch this unlikely dragster haul ass in the video below.